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Implants & Oral Surgery

Solve dental problems with dental implants and oral surgery

Dental reconstruction may be an option if your mouth and smile require a makeover. The skilled team at S&G Family Dentistry has many years of experience in giving patients back the full function of their mouths and the beauty of their smiles with tooth extractions, dental implants and oral surgery!

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Here are some of the benefits we can give you with these services.

  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Confidence to show your natural-looking, healthy smile
  • Repair and replacement of damaged and missing teeth
  • Ability to enjoy crisp, healthy foods again

Dental Implants

Smile with confidence again

Say goodbye to gaps in your smile! S&G Family Dentistry can fill those gaps with the near magic of modern dental implants. Your dentist can place tooth implants in your mouth to restore missing teeth and improve your smile.

Tooth implants have several benefits:

  • Maintain your jawbone health, which will prevent you from looking older than you are
  • Complete your smile, giving you more self-confidence
  • Make biting and chewing easy so you can enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Improve your speech and help you make better first impressions

Our office features an in-house CBCT scanner that creates 3D images of your mouth. With this advanced technology, our dentists are better equipped to diagnose your condition and recommend implant treatment options to get you smiling again.

We offer several great options for your dental implants – The choice is yours!

  • Traditional dental implants are usually made of titanium and act as replacement tooth roots. After healing, the implant fuses with your jawbone to create a strong foundation for further restoration, such as dental crowns, bridges, and dentures
  • Mini implants are similar to traditional implants but are only about half the size. These are usually used when a patient doesn’t have enough jawbone for the implant to fuse with. If your jawbone is thin, we can also perform a bone graft in-office so your new implants will have enough bone to be secure
  • Implant-retained dentures give you a full arch of replacement teeth held in place by your new implants. The dentures are secured with a special ball and receptacle system that keep them firmly attached. Unlike traditional dentures, these will not slip or slide out of position, even when talking, eating, laughing, or singing

Remain comfortable during your dental implant procedure

At S&G Family Dentistry, your convenience and comfort are our priority. We’ll treat you like family and want you to be happy with your new implants.

If you have any anxiety about your procedure, please tell us. Our staff is compassionate, caring, and well-trained to make your visit with us smooth and easy. We have both male and female dentists who are relationship-based and will listen to any concerns you have.

Plus, our patient rooms feature TVs to focus on during your procedure. And our memory foam chairs are super-comfortable if your visit takes a while. Need a comfortable pillow or blanket? We have those, too.

Request an appointment or call us at (913) 451-2929 for your new dental implants. Get your bright, beautiful smile back for the world to see.

Oral Surgery

Get your healthy smile back with oral surgery

Our experienced staff is constantly working to help you maintain optimum oral health and give you the best and brightest smile possible. We recommend oral surgery only if it is the best option for you.

Oral surgery can benefit you by

  • Providing pain relief by extracting a damaged or diseased tooth
  • Preparing your mouth for dental implants with a ridge augmentation procedure or a bone graft after extraction
  • Preventing dental problems related to removing wisdom teeth
  • Protecting your healthy teeth from damage

Trust the team at S&G Family Dentistry for oral surgery. Here are a few of the reasons our patients place their confidence in us:

  • We consider our patients as members of our family. We pledge to treat you with integrity and give you the highest level of service. We’ll work our hardest to give you back the smile you’ve been missing
  • Comfort and convenience. We want you completely relaxed and at ease during your procedure. We’ll use anesthesia to numb the area we’re working on, plus we have private patient areas, TVs, comfortable pillows, and warm blankets for you to use
  • Our team has years of in-the-trenches experience to perform your procedure with expert skill. Dr. Schopper has been inducted into the International College of Dentists and the American College of Dentists. Plus, we offer the latest technology. Our onsite CBCT scanner takes 3D images of your mouth and teeth to restore your oral health as quickly, comfortably, and safely as possible

Don’t put off restoring your oral health and getting your smile back. Request an appointment or call (913) 451-2929 today and see how easy oral surgery can be.

Tooth Removal and Extraction

Have your tooth removed safely and comfortably

The dentists and staff at S&G Family Dentistry are here to help you make the best decision for your smile. Sometimes that means removing a tooth. You should keep your natural teeth whenever possible, but some cases require extraction, and that’s where we step in.

Removing a tooth can help you:

  • Remove infection from your mouth
  • Restore chewing function by replacing a damaged tooth
  • Relieve pain and discomfort

Have you been told you need a tooth extraction? We offer second opinions. If the extraction needs to happen, we can do that, too!

Don’t ignore a problem tooth

It’s tempting to ignore a problem tooth and let it fall out. There are many reasons why that’s not in your best interest. A lost tooth means loss of bone, which can escalate the rate at which you lose surrounding teeth. Not to mention that missing a tooth makes chewing, speaking, and feeling confident much more difficult.

We offer safe, comfortable teeth removal. Your dentist will make sure your mouth is completely numb before we begin. Plus, we have answers to any questions about removing your tooth. Our entire staff works to ensure you have a fantastic experience, even if you are walking out with one less tooth.

Replace your missing tooth

Once your tooth is removed, it is important that you restore chewing function with a dental bridge or dental implant. We can complete a bone graft immediately following your extraction if you plan to replace your tooth with a dental implant. This will prepare a solid foundation for your dental implant placement.

Don’t be afraid of tooth removal! Our team can help you feel comfortable and have a fantastic experience — Request an appointment or call (913) 451-2929 to schedule an appointment!